World Streets and The General Theory

 World Streets Mission Statement: Creating open knowledge networks to improve the world’s streets and public spaces; helping in many small ways to make smart people smarter And good people better. (For more click here)

ws-newsstandWorld Streets, the sub-title being precisely “The Politics of Transport in Cities“, is, when you come right down to it, no more no less than a wide-open long-term collaborative search for a general theory for sustainable transport in cities . . .  for some way of getting us out of the chaotic bits-and-pieces ad hoc approaches which are failing to meet the main challenges and are  dominating the field in 99% -plus cities which are home to more than half of the steadily growing population of this gasping planet.

As you will see elsewhere here, World Streets is a large and sprawling collection of diverse perceptions and views on our topic. It does however have the advantage of having very good search engines, which makes narrowing in on any topic or category quite easy.

Click to Searching World Streets: An open library and toolkit at your fingertips

We shall in the coming weeks provide a better description of the creative links between these two ventures. But if you wanted to get a feel for the terrain today, a pretty good way to dig in will be to click here you will find an assortment of articles on the related topic of governance –

Also, I would invite you to have a look at our Clues section on the top menu just above.

(To be competed in the weeks ahead as useful.)





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