International Advisory Council

26 July 2014: Draft in progress:

I am asking a number of distinguished international colleagues and long time friends also struggling with these challenges to follow this project from time to time and as their busy schedules permit,  to have the benefit of their thoughts and suggestions.

The website you see here is being pulled together specifically to give them an opportunity to follow developments in an efficient manner, without having be assaulted with flows of emails and requests.  This site will be private and open only to these friends and collaborators  via a password.  You do have the option to receive brief weekly updates on new entries and progress, but this is only an option. Otherwise, if you prefer you can just pop in from time to time to see how things are progressing.

I intend to organize an international retreat over two to three days for all those who wish to meet with the entire group in some agreeable place, most probably in Europe and most probably in the early spring 2015.  Other such events may also be organized in  other parts of the world as the group determines. You will be kept informed.

Finally, as you will shortly see this is quite an extraordinary group of talented people who are thought leaders in the field and who are taking the challenges of sustainable development, equity and our deep obligations to future generations seriously.  You will be in great company.


PS. When you indicate that you want to give this whirl, the first step from here will be our invitation to join which will contain what I hope will be clear and easy step by step instructions. If you have a problem with any of this, please get in touch so that I can lend a hand.


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