International Advisory Council

26 July 2014: Draft in progress:

I am inviting a selection of my most distinguished international colleagues and long time friends who are also struggling with these fundamental policy challenges in different parts of the world to follow this project, and  from time to time and as their interest and busy schedules permit, to have the benefit of their thoughts and guiding suggestions.  I might add that World Streets will also welcome for publication articles or comments from them as they may wish in which they can express their own views concerning the topic we are engaging here.

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World Streets and The General Theory

 World Streets Mission Statement: Creating open knowledge networks to improve the world’s streets and public spaces; helping in many small ways to make smart people smarter And good people better. (For more click here)

ws-newsstandWorld Streets, the sub-title being precisely “The Politics of Transport in Cities“, is, when you come right down to it, no more no less than a wide-open long-term collaborative search for a general theory for sustainable transport in cities . . .  for some way of getting us out of the chaotic bits-and-pieces ad hoc approaches which are failing to meet the main challenges and are  dominating the field in 99% -plus cities which are home to more than half of the steadily growing population of this gasping planet.

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Is World Streets doing its job?

World Streets needs to catch on before my feet get wet.
– Dirk van Dijl, Netherlands

1934 calendar days have passed since World Streets opened its stacks for consultation on 9 March 2009. And the results are there for all to see and judge: more than 300,000 hits on 1,342 original articles, 128 contributors, 1,465 photographs, maps, drawings and illustrations, 5628 registered readers, from some 149 different countries, and on an average day anywhere from 150 to 250 visitors click in (best ever: 2002 in one day). But is what we are doing useful and worthy of support? We asked 100 expert readers for their views — and 101 of them picked up their pens and responded. Continue reading

Sign in: To follow the action

To follow the action over the next year as work on the General Theory advances, you have the option of receiving a concise reminder by email, either daily or weekly. Each reminder provides a 3 line summary of the article in question, with an option for clicking to it directly, or place for making a comment. I would imagine that for reasons of economy of time, most of you are going to prefer the weekly notification option which is reserved for subscribers only.

The sign-in routine takes less than five minutes, in three short steps as follows:
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Mission Statement (in process)

The political problem of mankind is to combine three things: economic efficiency, social justice and individual liberty.

― John Maynard Keynes

issd-gutbrg4   This will shortly be developed into a private site reserved for the information and use of collaborating colleagues and aimed at charting progress in the author’s push over 2014 to lay the base for a major book on this theme.  The book project is supported by a series of workshops, university seminars, presentations, journal articles, media interviews and city missions which will be used to test and deepen the ideas which constitute the key lynchpins of this ambitious project.

What you find here today is monstrously rough, but below you have the first pages of a working “Contents” of the draft now underway.  Intended at this point to swap information and ideas with friends only, it can be expected to expand and evolve considerably as the project pushes ahead. 

Getting Started:

In the meantime you can find help by way of introduction to the project  in the menu section above, START HERE.

And if you have questions of suggestions, you will find full contact information in the above menu item, CONTACT.

And before you dig into the following, we would suggest you first have a look at the posting, Some early questions . . . available here at

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